View great, feel great.
Professional busker
Cycles for rental
1st & last meeting with cool air - Heathrow
Budget room for a single man
Shopping Spree!
The scary bathroom


Anonymous said...

Indeed shopping spree @ Primark! Single man? Hahhhaa

syl said...

the bed is considered quite big! and yes, the bathroom seems quite scary leh..

Sam Wong said...

Single man - living alone in that room.

PRIMARK was superb shopping, even though i'm not really a shopper!

Yes Syl.. Even the door has egk....sound.

mm said...

do i spy a guit?? :O So did u do any busking in the streets of london or solely serenading in the room? :P the bathrm dun look scary but maybe the feelin when u are there is different. u shld hv saved a bundle n share rm. it's also > fun but den hv to fight for the scary toilet in the morn :P hvnt had the chance to visit chinatown n primark.

Sam Wong said...

PRIMARK is a MUST go.. Didn't busk, will require a licence to do so.
To fully enjoy a holiday, i need my own washroom.

mm said...

dun foresee myself goin UK in the near/far future unless primark comes to SG. hahaha...once my fren wanted to stay in hostel w common wc cos it's cheaper, i was adamant we shld get a rm w adjoining bathrm. bathrm time is my sacred daydream time :D