New Job?

3rd session ended with much food for thought..

It all began when D rang me up one day and asked if I was keen to form a group with him and earn extra cash as that entity. I thought to myself, on top of that reason, I have to enjoy what I was going to do. Then it moved fast..

I kinda enjoy this but I am not doing well enough, yet. At the same time, they are totally not too.
Time isn't on our side, there's so much more I need to do and they need to do.

Things are very different from the past, but still down to the same aim.
Very good music is what we must produce.


binz said...

sounds like something great-to-be is brewing! hang in there! but dont max out(:

singyin said...

Things will get better! Jiayouuuuuuuuuuuu ^^

Sam Wong said...

Yes Binz and SY, its brewing and soon you'll get to taste it.. Will get better but for now i better sleep..


mm said...

hmmm...doesn't seem to sound like a ? anymore. :P dun be shy to broadcast if n wn the brew is ready. :)

Sam Wong said...

Sure sure.. I concluded i had expectations too high from the start. Gotta remember that every thing takes time..

mm said...

Woo...get busy!

Anonymous said...

Ahh i miss u!

Sam Wong said...


Ahh.. U are?