A Traveling Lifestyle

This is probably the longest period of time i haven't logged on to blogger.

Hello to my friends, if you are still here..

For the past 6 months, i've been packing and unpacking my cabin bag, going in and out of the airport every other day, and losing track of the date many times. Twice, when my iPhone alarm rang and i got up from bed, i took a while to figure where i was; once in Jakarta, the other one i don't remember now.

More often, i truly enjoy the space and the freedom i get abroad, as i carry out my routine of retrieving a street map, walk/skip down the roads, parks, beaches, hills, swan lakes, or wherever. Then either eat out if i stumble upon a food joint that attracts me, or head to the supermarket to buy snacks, coffee and bread back to the comfort of my bedroom, where sit in front of the television tuned to CNN/BBC.

I thank God for everything.