I've got the whole world on my bedroom wall.
I was hungry 10min ago. Then i took a small bottle of bird's nest (thank you again for the gift, ladies). Warmed it up and swallowed in 10secs, now i feel sooo contented. Can't bear to finish them up!


GNIJUY said...

.. is Bird Nest nice? i guess its delicious for you.

But why don't i like it? LOLS:D my mom used force me to drink.. its like jelly, BUT i simply don't like it):

you drank it w/in secs, while i drank in w/in hours! weird me.

quizzy_me=) said...

forget to wish sam didi happy belated teachers day? haha...

is it enough to just drink bird nest only when u r hungry??

nitey =)

Jane said...

Wow so good got bird nest to drink woh. Envy. Haha. Nice pic at there.

U dye ur hair black again? Why not colour de woh? Anyway jiayou & see you soon. :D

syl said...

Haha, i've got one in my dining room!
Recharge well for everyday ya!
Take care!

th-JESS said...

awwh your fringe is soooo long !

and woah, the world map. i seriously dont know which country's at where, thou i didnt fail my geography. hahah !

pinkie a.k.a shufang said...

So xing fu got bird nest nehh~
Okay drink more then can remain pretty pretty! oops i mean handsome.

Seeya sooooooooon, and take great care! :D

mm said...

:D i like mine nice n chilled. u snoozin on the run (walk:P) ah. i hv been hvin sleepless nites for the 1st half of the past week, den finally slept early(ier) the last 2 days n i m still tired! w a map in ure rm , u can travel the world in ure dreams :)

Sam Wong said...

I love bird's nest, pure ones without any other ginseng or whatever. It doesn't answer to hunger but to me it's a good reply.

My hair has been black the past month since before reservist..

Yea pretty pretty!

Traveling the world sounds so interesting and exciting, not in my dreams only, please.

Sleep early!