Teacher's Day!!
I just realised. Erm.. I'm one too right?
"Good morning, I am Mr Wong." Crazy.
I am something wrong.
Drum instructor Wong. Confirmed.

Why isn't there a Students' day?


binz said...

lol the i am something wrong, nice one!
OH YAR! happy belated teacher's day!
haha can u imagine if all of us start calling you mr wong mr wong mr wong instead of sam, man that will be so qi guai! but sounds like a fun way to irritate you! haha.
mr wong shall pick an auspicious day and make it a students' day! then we will bug u for presents on that day(: YAYY!

capri said...

u can celebrate children's day mr wong... haaa

rah said...

HAHA.. oops
forgot to wish u a happy teachers' day (:

HAPPY TEACHER DRUMMER SAM DAY! HAHA :D thank you for being such a great teacher luh~ continue to be a more greatttttt teacher k.. AGHAHA..

and wassup with student's day HAHA! but it would be so good n cool to have tt >.< though i am already over the student age. HAHAHAA! =X

nw i knw why u keep smiling already luh =X

pekchoo said...

Last year you were my LAO SHI.
So I'm here to wish you a Happy Teacher Day! :D

shihui said...

yea, 2 months+, missing the days ii played drums almost every week. anw, ii am doing fine. =)
ii am back in s'pore on sat, and now back to work.
hope you are doing well too!

hmm, you can set a day as your own students' day, since you are a teacher too. mayb the first day you became a drum instructor. heh~

take care! cya around~

Yun Ping said...

Yeah!No students day..sian..at least there's a youth day.:)

th-JESS said...

teacher's day presents from your student ?! haha !

Jane said...

SAM: Happy Belated Teacher day to you! Enjoy urself! Hehe. :)

See you on 10th days at plaza sing... :D

singyin said...

you are teacher wong!!! :>

Sam Wong said...

Thank you. Teacher Wong says no need for presents la. The best gift to a teacher is to see his students grow..



Anonymous said...

there's student day.
hmm, youth day and children's day.

Anonymous said...

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." ~Author Unknown

You are one of the best teachers!

Sam Wong said...

Wa.. That's really nice of you. 不敢当, but i'll do my best and not be lazy! Thank you!